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Craig and I are two friends, who decided some months ago to go on a trip of a lifetime. Neither of us would admit to being athletic, but we are adventurers at heart. The plan is to cycle from Southend to St Petersburg and  back again in a single school holiday, we hope within 40 days. The route will begin in Southend on July 20th and it is hoped to be completed in late July, 2012.

We will cycle to Harwich and ferry to western Denmark. After cycling east through Denmark, we will take a short hop by ferry to Helsingborg in Sweden. Then, cycle northeast across Sweden to catch the ferry from Sundsvall to Vaasa in Finland. We will head southeast through Finland and into St Petersburg, Russia sometime in early August. Then, the journey will get much tougher as we attempt to cycle back against the headwinds in the Baltic States of Estonia, Latvia and Lithuania, on towards Poland, Germany and Holland to catch a ferry back to Harwich for the final trek back home. We will endeavour to keep our supporters up-to-date with our progress online. I will write a daily blog and Craig will post regular Tweets that can be seen on our cool Twitter feed or in Twitter itself.

The cycle hopes to raise money for 3 charities that work to combat poverty in the world: Mary's Meals, Trócaire and CAFOD. Our target is to raise £3,000, which is approximately the distance, we will cycle. If you enjoy reading of their exploits, please support their charities via the Virgin Money Giving website.  If you are thinking "what good would £1 do?", then consider that with £1 Mary's Meals can feed a student at school for a month! Remember also, for every £1 donated, the charity currently receives £1.25 when you add Gift Aid. Finally, if you give during Lent this year, the UK government will match £pound for £pound your contribution, so that will mean an extra 33p. 

That means your £1 becomes £1 + 25p + 33p = £1.58   

We, the team, thank you for your generous support!


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  1. Had my 1st minor set back, being on holiday from school and having my new bike, I have started some on the road training.On Tuesday one of the front paniers from my bike fell off without me noticing.(Halfords assured me they can not fall off and besides how did this happen without me noticing?) Had to back track my whole route so 30km trip became 45km and did not find the panier. Keys were in the missing one so days spent getting repalcements and car off the road till after Easter weekend, grrrrr

  2. Better to have these setbacks now and learn a few lessons before we go. We are pretty much on our own, left to our own devices, traveling under our own pedal power, once we set off.

  3. Hi, we are looking at rididng from Berlin to Rotterdam on the R1 and I was wondering what maps you used? Did you find any good maps which plot the R1 in particular, or did you just use a local road atlas?



  4. We got this, but havent used it yet, but it is very good
    Europa-Radweg R1:

    Von Arnheim über Berlin nach Küstrin an der Oder

    bikeline Radtourenbuch

    Publisher Esterbauer,
    Paperback, 180 pages, German


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