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Sunday, 15 July 2012

4 days to go

Ok, so that's it, with just 4 days to go, this planning blog has served its purpose. To find out how our trip goes, go to You will need to "like" it to get full access (naturally enough). We will post our photos, video and thoughts there. Hope to write up the full story in a book pretty soon. So, beginning Friday, 20 July, we set off on our 4,800km adventure to see 11 countries in 40 days by bike and in turn raise money for 3 worthwhile charities helping the poor. Feel like helping out? Then, hit the donate button above or here and be generous as we are going to be going through some serious pain to raise these funds. We are not doing it leisurely over 3 months, we are doing it over 40 days over a land area of 643,951 km². Catch us on Facebook. Bye!